Woodside Health & Care Centre Prescriptions

It helps greatly with practice administration, if all your prescription requests are made at least 48 hours before needed. Please let us know if you have discontinued any drugs on your repeat prescription list.

Repeat Prescriptions
We are currently unable to take repeat prescriptions by email.

Patients who are incapacitated or living far from the surgery, may if they wish, send a stamped addressed envelope with their request and it will be returned to them. Please allow at least 4-5 days for its return.

Prescription requests 9.00am to 5.00pm. Prescriptions will be available for collection after 4pm the following day.

Repeat prescriptions will not be issued during consultation with the Doctor.

Pharmacy Uplift
Patients who wish a pharmacy to collect their prescriptions must arrange this with the pharmacy themselves and then inform the practice accordingly.

We would like to make you aware that all GP Practices are allocated a prescribing budget each year.  Last year our practice was £60,000 over budget.  We would therefore ask you to inform us of any repeat items you no longer take and only order items required.